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The European Talent Hub

The European Talent Hub is the SPARKD talent center in Egypt. We work with companies from Europe with dedicated expert teams. Our employess (aka SPARKS) collaborate seamlessly with our clients in dedicated teams from our office in Cairo. Next to an attractive salary & benefits package we invest in the continuous growth of our employees by offering various learning opportunities. We strongly believe in a talent-first approach, and we care about including and nurturing ALL talents, no matter their background, looks, religion, or gender.

Why join us

Competitive Salary & Benefits

International experience

Flexible work arrangements

We invest in your growth

State-of-the art products & services

Long-term & full-term employment

How it works

Long-Term employment

Step 1

Explore our open vacancies and apply or send us an open application. All you need to do is send us your CV and fill in a short form - it only takes 5 minutes.

Step 2

If we like your profile we will send you a short assessment to evaluate your level of English, role-specific skills, and motivation.

Step 3

After passing the assessments you will have a short interview with the ETH team. If we think that you are a good match for one of our teams you will be invited to a second interview.

Step 4

If you have been selected to become one or our SPARKS, you will be onboarded by your dedicated talent manager, and start working with your European clients.

Step 5

Every SPARK will complete a three-month trial period before being added long-term to one dedicated team.

Who we are

The European Talent Hub is focused on building sustainable careers for Egyptians top talents. Our concept consists of long-term partnerships with established European companies, an individual growth path including training and career development, competitive salaries and a professional work environment.

Together with our mother company in Belgium SPARKD we connect talents with successful companies in Europe and engage them long-term.

Our mission is to give untapped talent the chance to develop and grow. At the same time we want to help European companies grow and transform faster by removing human capital constraints.

Our Values 

courage to grow

It takes courage to grow and push beyond our current limits, but the rewards can be immense. At SPARKD, we strive to constantly evolve with our employees and clients. By encouraging and nurturing our SPARKS’ abilities, we help them reach their goals, so that we can all thrive together.

Global mindset

SPARKD stands for open-mindedness, inclusiveness, and a talent-first approach. By embracing diversity, a global mindset creates a vibrant environment where people from different cultures can exchange ideas and collaborate. We believe in equal opportunities and payment based entirely on talent.

Working passionately

Everything we do, we do with passion. We believe this is an essential part of achieving success and fulfillment in our careers. We support our SPARKS in finding what lights their fire and allows them to shine. When we work with passion, we not only achieve success but also find joy and satisfaction in what we do.

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